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A Celebration with Purpose

This is the most festive time of year in San Antonio Texas.  Friday April 21, 2017 was the start of Fiesta.  Previously called Fiesta San Jacinto, it is a 10-day festival held every spring in San Antonio.  This celebration started in 1891 with only one parade which honored the memory of heroes who fought in the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.  This event provides over $285 million to San Antonio’s economy.  The organizations involved in Fiesta work with the Fiesta San Antonio Commission to ensure that Fiesta runs smoothly for the benefit of San Antonio.
River parade in San Antonio Texas during Fiesta
Although Fiesta is an event to promote the diversity of San Antonio, Fiesta is not restricted to citizens of San Antonio.  Many persons from around the United States and other countries flock to San Antonio to be part of the celebration.  And, what a celebration it is with some 3.5 million Fiesta partiers celebrating during the 10-day event.  20 percent of the Fiesta partiers have traveled from other Texas cities, states, and even other countries to enjoy the celebration.
Day parade in San Antonio Texas during Fiesta
Since 1959, the Fiesta San Antonio commission has worked tirelessly in coordinating events produced by 100 local non-profits and operated by over 75,000 volunteers.  The Fiesta San Antonio commission functions as a liaison between the City of San Antonio, military participants, and participating organizations to provide services required to produce the Fiesta in San Antonio every year.  Another big responsibility of the Commission is funding events that cannot financially support themselves.  In 2012, the Commission provided $375,000 to participating member organizations that lacked the required finances to produce their events.  Most importantly, the Commission receives no financial support from the Government or municipality; instead, the Fiesta San Antonio commission is funded from dues paid by members, donations from corporate sponsors, and retail sales which allows for the commission to remain operational.
NIOSA in San Antonio Texas during Fiesta
In closing, the Fiesta, in San Antonio, is about family and culture which is promoted through the many activities available during the 10-day celebration.  Fiesta is also a way of giving back to the community through the many non-profit organizations who provide services for a fee during the Fiesta which allows for those groups, combined, to raise close to $600,000 per year.  Fiesta is San Antonio’s way of showing the country and the world to live life to the fullest. 
Happy Fiesta!
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