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The Struggle You Are Facing Now Can Change Your Entire Life - Keep Pressing On even through fear!

The Struggle You Are Facing Now Can Change Your Entire Life - Keep Pressing On even through fear!

The struggle or obstacles you are facing NOW can change your life if you keep pressing on.  When you are facing struggles or challenges in life, you have only two options in dealing with those situations.  You cannot do anything, or you can do something.  Really it is that simple.

Let's say that you wanted to open a restaurant.  Although the new restaurants that open fail 26% of the time according to recent studies done by Professor Dr. HG Parsa, you really feel that you are a great cook.   Everyone that comes to your home enjoys your cooking and many have told you that you should open a restaurant. Well, after talking it over with your wife, you feel that you are going to start the restaurant.  You begin reading on why restaurants fail; and you notice there are a few reasons that plant doubt in your mind.  One of the big reasons for failure is financing or low start-up capital.  See you have imagined what your restaurant will look like along with how many people will visit your restaurant daily; however, the doubts begin to creep in regarding profitability.  What if only a few people show?  You have a decent amount of monies saved, but that is your entire savings; and you never know when an emergency will arise.  So, after talking with a friend who has a successful business, you decide to create a business plan.  Let's stop here so I can make my point.

First struggle, you must create a business plan.  Whether you realize it are not, this is a huge struggle.  Do you realize how many people would quit this dream of business ownership because they do not feel like learning how to create a business plan along with finding facts and figures on the industry which will help in putting the business plan together.  Also, when starting any business, you should consider contacting, setting an appointment, and interviewing owners of businesses that you want to start.  You would be amazed at the number of business owners who would love to discuss how they got started and what they would do differently after being in business for a while.  Think about it; how would you feel discussing your business dream with a business owner?  You may feel uncomfortable contacting strangers and setting the appointments along with interviewing them for insight.  These concerns are obstacles that can change your life depending on how you deal with them.

Second struggle, risking your own money to start a business.  News flash, banks do not lend money without collateral.  Depending on the type of loan, they may need collateral equal to 50% or more of the required loan amount.  Well, using your own money to start your business may be a struggle for you.

With these few struggles mentioned previously, there are thousands of other situations one may encounter when starting a business like a restaurant.  However, struggles are not confined to just a person who wants to start a new business.  You have struggles that involve relationships, your career, health, finances, etc.  Nevertheless, you must decide on your next step.  You can do nothing, or you can act.

Finally, you decide!  You will take one of two steps.  If you do nothing, your life will not change, or your life will get more complicated.   Quickly, going back to our restaurant example, if you do not act on the business idea, then you risk none of your savings if the business idea does not work.  But, I also stated that your life could get more complicated because what if 2 or 5 years from now; the business could have been successful?  What if you became so successful, you were able to open several restaurants with managers running the daily operations.  Most importantly, what if the restaurants did so well you no longer had to work your previous job.  What if during this success; you suffer a major health crisis and you had to spend a lot of your savings to pay medical bills?  Because you took a chance and started your business, you can replenish your savings in a year.  You also, do not have to be at the restaurants daily since you have an operations manager who is overseeing your business.  

However, imagine if you did nothing regarding your business idea.  In 2 to 5 years, you would still have the major health crisis; however, you would not be able to replenish your savings in 1 year; it would take 15 you have that much time?  You would also need to keep working; but you may not be fit to work at your current employer.  So, the decision to not act still has life changing ramifications.

In closing, the struggles or obstacles you are facing right now can change your life.  Although I used a story of a potential business owner; we all face different obstacles in our lives that require a decision.  Although to make the decision and face the struggle may be stressful; not facing obstacles, struggles, or challenges may be just as dangerous for you.  So, when presented with challenges, weigh the pros and cons; do your homework; and take the leap of faith.  And, if it succeeds or fails; the experience may be the fuel you need to make better and bigger decisions in the future.

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