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Improve Your Health And Life With A Humidifier

Improve Your Health And Life With A Humidifier

Dry air can affect every part of your body. From your skin to your nasal passages to your throat, dry air can increase your risk of viral infections like the cold and flu in addition to irritating allergies and leading to skin issues like eczema.

Adding moisture into the air, particularly in the cold months of fall and winter, is one way to keep your body healthy. A humidifier puts moisture into the air which then soothes dry skin, sinuses, and throats. Humidifiers are often recommended by doctors for people suffering from viral illnesses, skin disorders, and allergies because it's a safe and effective way to combat a multitude of health problems.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

An ultrasonic humidifier is one type of humidifier that puts moisture back into the air through a steady, fine mist of water that is powered by sound vibrations. These high-frequency vibrations put moisture back into the room without being noisy, which makes an ultrasonic humidifier great for any room in the house.

Babies and children that have very sensitive skin and body tissue particularly benefit from ultrasonic humidifiers because they are quiet but also provide the moisture that their young bodies need to grow healthy and strong.

Adding Essential Oils

Many humidifiers offer the option of adding essential oils to the fine mist that they produce. Essential oils are known for providing a multitude of health benefits while also being natural and safe. Just a few health problems that essential oils can help with include:

  • Tea tree oil- dermatitis, psoriasis, cold, flu
  • Lavender- stress, sleep disorders, dry nasal passages
  • Lemongrass- headaches, muscle spasms, insomnia
  • Rose- memory and mood disorders, digestive upset
  • Peppermint- sinus congestion, cough, migraine
  • Rosemary- asthma, sinusitis, memory loss
Cleaning A Humidifier

It's important to keep your humidifier clean to avoid a build-up of bacteria and mold. Cleaning a humidifier is easy. It should be rinsed daily with warm water. Once a week, perform a thorough cleaning by soaking the base in white vinegar for 30 minutes and spot cleaning all other parts with vinegar. Rinse each part with warm water and allow them to dry thoroughly.

Our site offers an excellent selection of humidifiers to choose from. A humidifier is a great investment for your health and the health of your loved ones.
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