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Embrace Your Curves- The Essential Guide To Plus Size Swimsuits

Embrace Your Curves- The Essential Guide To Plus Size Swimsuits

It can be intimidating for women with curves to find the right swimsuit that accentuates their body and makes them feel comfortable. The average American woman wears a size 16, with nearly 70 percent of women wearing a size 14 or above. Knowing that, you might assume that designers would focus their efforts on creating swimsuits for all shapes and sizes. That wasn't true for many years, but recently designers have taken note and are now offering a variety of swimsuits for curvier women. We're going to explore four plus-size swimsuit designs- the one piece, two piece, tankini, and swim dress- to help you find the style that best suits you. 

A Classic One Piece 

A one piece is a swimsuit that typically covers the mid-section but leaves the top of the thighs exposed. This style swimsuit is ideal for avid swimmers because it stays in place while you're gliding through the water. Many designers have taken into account a woman's mid-section by offering ruffled or ruched patterns that drape elegantly over the waist, hiding any imperfections. 

A Daring Two Piece 

Also known as a bikini, the two piece swimsuit comes with a separate top and bottom- which means you can mix and match different styles for a unique look. Curvier women don't need to be afraid to wear a two piece- many designers now cater to different body shapes and offer styles with higher waists, thicker straps, and underwire cups for a more supportive fit. 

The Tankini- A Perfect Mix 

For those women seeking some variety but aren't quite ready for a bikini, the tankini offers the best of both worlds. With a longer top- essentially a waterproof tank top- and separate bottoms, the tankini allows you to mix and match styles while still covering up your midsection. 

The Versatile Swim Dress 

A swim dress is ideal for those looking for a little more coverage while also being able to enjoy the water. It's essentially a one-piece swimsuit with a longer bottom that covers the tops of the thighs, allowing for a more discreet look while still being comfortable and waterproof. 

Our website has a variety of plus-size swimsuits to fit your needs. Whether it's a day at the beach, a week-long cruise, or a summer of swimming in your backyard, our swimsuits will help you feel both comfortable and stylish.


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