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Martha Stewart Uses Uber For The First Time And Documents The Disastrous Ride on Instagram

Martha Stewart Uses Uber For The First Time And Documents The Disastrous Ride on Instagram

The queen of proper etiquette decided to take a walk on the wild side earlier this week by embarking on her first Uber ride. While the lifestyle maven has grown accustomed to extravagant limo rides over the years, she thought she'd give the ridesharing company a chance. 

From start to finish, Martha Stewart's ride was a disaster of epic proportions. She documented the entire experience for her followers in a since-deleted Instagram post. 

The "Martha Stewart Living" founder, who was in New York City on Monday, November 19, started describing the fiasco by telling her fans which type of Uber she ordered to take her to her next destination. 

"I ordered the most expensive version to pick me up on Fifth Avenue and 57th street in front of Tiffany's." The fact that she ordered the most expensive version comes as no surprise, as Stewart has a knack for delighting in nothing but the best things in life. 

Stewart continued on by saying, "The first Uber did not show up. The second Uber came ten minutes later and parked halfway down 57th street where I could not see the license plate." 

The surprises kept coming once the television personality, 77, got into the Uber. Stewart told her followers, "Then we were facing east when I had to go west and south. Took twenty minutes to face southwest. It only took a bit more than one hour." 

As if being stuck in an Uber for an hour in the middle of busy New York City wasn't enough, Stewart went on to describe the worst part of her trek. "On top of it all the car was a mess inside and out!!!!!!!!" 

Oh, the horror! Stewart provided proof of the car's messy interior by sharing four photographs to her Instagram. The pictures showed Stewart's pricey, snakeskin boots surrounded by a bunch of leaves, dirt, and half-empty drinking bottles. 

Although the experience left the star frustrated and disgusted, she showed her support for the ridesharing company by posting, "I want Uber to succeed!" 

Uber responded to Stewart's less-than-ideal experience by saying, "We were so disappointed to hear about Martha's negative experience this morning. We have been in touch with her as we know that every trip counts." 

Despite Uber trying to make things right, it's a good possibility Stewart won't be calling the company for a ride the next time she's in the city.


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