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Jennifer Garner Made Her Chickens a Bug Cake for Their First Birthday Because, Why Not

Jennifer Garner Made Her Chickens a Bug Cake for Their First Birthday Because, Why Not

The life of a celebrity chicken is a sweet one. That is if you're one of Jennifer Garner's chickens. The "13 Going on 30" actress celebrated her chickens' first birthday on Monday, July 2 with an elaborate bug cake. 

Garner has been known to share cooking videos on her Facebook page recently, which she's aptly named the "Pretend Cooking Show." In the videos, the mom to Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6, experiments with making treats like English muffins and chocolate sheet cake. Her bug cake was on a whole other level, though. 

In a photo posted to Instagram, the "Nine Lives" actress poses with six of her thirteen chickens, one of which is named Hennifer. The moniker came from actress herself and is a cross between her first name and the word hen. The photo shows the chickens swarming around a plate of chopped melon, apples, spinach, and strawberries, all delectably topped off with a variety of bugs. 

Garner also shared a video of herself singing "Happy Birthday" to the chickens while presenting them with the inventive bug cake. As she sings in the coup, the chickens walk away from her, apparently uninterested. The proud owner asks the chickens, "Do you care?" as they scatter in all directions. 

The former "Alias" star originally started with seven chickens last year. Sadly, one of the chickens, named Regina George after a character in the movie "Mean Girls", passed away in early spring. Shortly after her death, Garner purchased seven more chickens, bringing her chicken coup total to 13. 

It remains to be seen whether Garner will share the recipe for her bug cake during the next installment of her Facebook cooking show series. Several fans were requesting the recipe while others were clearly grossed out by the concoction. One thing's for sure, those chickens are lucky to have Garner as their owner.


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