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The History Of Men's Jeans And Why They're Still A Fashion Staple

The History Of Men's Jeans And Why They're Still A Fashion Staple

Skinny, straight-leg, cargo, wide-leg, jogger, relaxed fit, boot cut, overalls- the variety of jeans is mind-boggling at times. This important article of clothing has been around since 1873 and have been relied upon by men from all walks of life. There are several reasons this fashion staple has been a part of the male wardrobe for nearly 150 years, one of which is their sturdy design that is built-to-last.

Where Jeans Came From

The jean pant was born from an genius idea concocted by Nevada tailor, Jacob Davis, and California dry goods businessman, Levi Strauss. The pair met when Davis visited Strauss' store in San Francisco to purchase some denim. He needed the strong fabric to make a custom order for a customer looking for a pair of pants that could hold up to tough, treacherous work.

Upon creating the sturdy pair of pants, David decided he wanted to patent the idea and asked Strauss if he wanted to become his business partner. After patenting the product, they opened a large factory where they began producing the popular pant. The name jean comes from the city of Genoa in Italy where fabrics like denim and corduroy originated.

The Evolving Style Of Jeans

The first jeans were a straight-legged, relaxed fit ideal for blue collar workers that performed manual labor. The 1950s saw jeans as a tough-guy style, popularized in films starring Hollywood heavyweights like Marlon Brando. This was the first decade where jeans started to vary in style, with the addition of different denim colors like black and varying fits like boot-cut and cuffed bottoms.

The 1960s and 1970s were when jeans saw their biggest style change yet. Bell-bottoms were a popular choice among teens and embroidered details were often added to the legs or pockets of jeans. Calvin Klein was a big name in jeans in the 1980s, with a huge campaign launched by the fashion designer featuring skinny jeans as it's go-to fit.

Baggy jeans and overalls were the biggest hits in the 1990s, while skinny jeans and hip-huggers were best-sellers in the 2000s. Most of these jean styles are still available as more fashion designers are embracing history and bringing back designs that were highly-sought after in previous years.

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