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Polarized Cycling Glasses: Are They Right For You?

Polarized Cycling Glasses: Are They Right For You?

Sunglasses are a must for anyone working or playing outdoors. The glare from the sun is not only harmful to the eyes, it can make seeing and performing tasks very difficult.

Most sunglasses filter out the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun, protecting the eyes from damage. Polarized cycling glasses take it a step further by blocking horizontal light that creates the harsh glare that often makes the eyes more sensitive.

How Polarized Lenses Work

Polarized lenses block the horizontal light that is created when the sun bounces off an object, like snow, water, or other vehicles. By blocking the horizontal light, glare is greatly reduced which can lead to an easier time seeing the things you need to see when working outside or playing sports.

Polarized Lenses And Depth Perception

While polarized lenses have several advantages, one slight disadvantage is that they can create a problem with depth perception. Although generally not significant, this change in depth perception can hinder a person's ability to perform activities like sports in the same way they would if they were not wearing polarized lenses.

Depth perception affects people differently, so the best way to know if polarized lenses are a good fit for you is to simply try them for yourself.

Polarized Lenses For Cycling

Cyclists favor polarized lenses because they greatly reduce glare that can make cycling difficult. By reducing glare, cyclists can better see objects in their path like potholes, rocks, and other road debris.

They also make transitioning from shade to sun much more comfortable for the cyclist. The only type of cyclist that may not benefit from polarized lenses is a mountain biker, since the paths are generally very shady. The depth perception difference may cause a problem for mountain bikers when it comes to seeing potential obstacles in their path while biking.

Choosing Polarized Cycling Glasses

Comfort and fit is important when selecting a pair of polarized cycling glasses because you don't want to have to constantly stop and adjust your glasses when you're biking. Lighter materials, like polycarbonate and acetate, offer a lightweight fit that is an excellent choice for avid bikers.

On our website, you will find several awesome styles of polarized cycling glasses to choose from. We're sure to have the right fit and look to have you enjoying the best cycling experience ever.
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