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Choosing The Perfect Dress For Your Work Holiday Party

Choosing The Perfect Dress For Your Work Holiday Party

The holiday season is officially upon us and that means plenty of parties to attend. No matter what type of work you do, most companies throw a gathering around the holidays to thank their employees for their tireless efforts throughout the year.

While some work holiday parties are casual enough to wear jeans to, others may require a stricter dress code. Since it's a work-related event, you won't want to show up wearing a revealing dress. You also want to put your best foot forward and look amazing in front of your colleagues. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect dress for your work holiday party that will surely put you into the holiday spirit.

1. White after Labor Day is okay. The rule of no white clothing after Labor Day is extremely outdated. White is a great color to wear for the holidays because it blends nicely with the purity of the snowfall. Don't be afraid to shy away from this subtle color. When done right, white can really pop and make you stand out from the crowd of others dressed in the traditional red and green of the holiday season.

2. Avoid the slits. Thigh-high slits may be acceptable for a Friendsgiving or New Year's Eve event, but it's not appropriate for a work holiday party. While you want to look great, you also want to dress appropriately. If you do find a dress that you really love with a slit in the bottom, make sure it doesn't go past the knee.

3. The more sparkle, the better. You really want to shine at a work holiday party. This is your chance to mingle with upper management when you might otherwise not have the opportunity. Set yourself apart by wearing a dress with a bit of sparkle.

4. Make it fun. Unless your work holiday party is a black-tie event, feel free to mix it up a bit with a fun, flirty, or even humorous dress. Ugly Sweater parties are quickly becoming a popular theme, and ugly sweater dresses are the latest holiday trend. Consider wearing one for a dress that really makes you stand out.

At Solace Connect, we have a huge selection of dresses that are perfect for your work holiday party. We guarantee you'll look amazing and will bring the festive spirit to any party you attend.
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