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Your Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Sunglasses for Both Safety and Style

Your Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Sunglasses for Both Safety and Style

Very many of us in the English-speaking world are quite familiar with Corey Hart's hit single, "Sunglasses at Night." Perhaps it's merely the memorable melody that entices us to listen and sing on occasion. At the same token, it could possibly be the catchy beat that draws us in and ultimately drives us to hum the tune later on at a whim. Or maybe the song is truly onto something, despite its frivolousness and facetiousness: sunglasses – no matter what time of the day – truly are a fashion statement.

If you've discovered that you want to pull off a full-fledged Corey Hart this summer – whether it's during your stay on a tropical island, or while you're raising the roof at the nightclub – one thing is for certain: you'll need to pick the perfect pair of shades for you to allow your sense of style to shine brighter than the stars.

Did you know that sunglasses are very close in importance to a regular pair of prescription glasses? That was news to us, too!

So, how can you accomplish this Corey Hart-esque feat of wearing sunglasses at night that serve a purpose of functionality? Follow the steps below and you'll be able to find the pair of sunglasses that's right for you.

1. Find Sunglasses Which Truly Protect Against UVA and UVB Radiation

If you are purchasing sunglasses that are prescription, make sure to find a good pair that can prevent cataracts and crow's feet. After all, sunglasses are supposed to protect, so it doesn't make sense that you'd develop crow's feet as a consequence of faulty sunglasses. Your chosen pair of sunglasses should provide 99% to 100% UVA and UVB radiation protection. If you're looking for an excellent option that meats this criteria, take a look at our HDCrafter sunglasses which offer total UV protection.

2. Your Sunglasses Shouldn't Distort Vision

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD, sunglasses should never distort your vision in terms of color. He states that they should be dark enough to reduce glare, which is their primary purpose. Dr. Mehmet Oz also mentions that they should absolutely, under no circumstances, distort colors in any way. This can affect your recognition of traffic signals and cause danger while driving on the road.

3. Let Those Shades Wrap Around

An interesting part about selecting sunglasses that you might have not previously considered is to find a pair with frames that are large enough to completely cover up the entire eye area. That way, your eyes will be covered and less light will enter through the very edges of the frames. If you want to truly protect your eyes, wraparound sunglasses work the best. Make sure to check out our timeless wraparound sunglasses for an ultra-cool look this summer.

If you want to beat the heat in style, make sure to follow this advice as far as purchasing sunglasses go. You'll thank yourself later when you're looking younger than your peers and can drive safely at night.


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