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All About Dashiki Fashion And How To Wear It

All About Dashiki Fashion And How To Wear It

Clothing inspired by the African culture has been popular for decades, but the most specific type of garment worn across the globe is the dashiki. The dashiki is a garment bright in color but it comes in varying lengths and styles. There are even dashiki-inspired track suits so you can incorporate this unique style easily into your everyday wardrobe.

The History Of The Dashiki

The dashiki has been a staple in African culture for centuries, but it rose in popularity in America in the late 1960s. Those participating in the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement often wore the dashiki to bring awareness to their cause.

The word "dashiki" found its way into the Webster's dictionary in 1970, although it had been used in print publications for years prior. It even saw some screen time in films like "Uptight" and television shows like "Soul Train" and "Sanford and Son."

Some famous names that have donned the dashiki include Beyonce, Will Chamberlain, Sammy Davis Jr., and Rihanna.

Dashiki Colors And Their Meanings

While the dashiki is a garment that is generally bright and colorful, not all dashiki's are made the same. Some are made specifically for formal occasions like weddings and funerals. Others are made from delicate materials like lace.

For weddings, most dashiki's are gray, although some grooms may wear white. Other popular wedding colors include purple or violet, which signify African royalty, or blue, which is the symbol of love and harmony. Even though these are the most popular choices for brides and grooms when it comes to dashiki's, some couples decide to steer clear of tradition and choose their own style of dashiki's to wear.

Bringing The Dashiki Mainstream

Although dashiki's are common garments worn in Africa, they aren't quite as prevalent in American culture. Bringing the dashiki into the mainstream is actually quite simple. You can either don the traditional dashiki with trousers or wear a long dashiki as a dress. You can also wear a dashiki-inspired track suit or business suit to bring a bit of African culture into your daily wardrobe.

You'll find several dashiki-inspired track suits and business suits on our website that are bold, colorful, and fun. Made from the highest-quality materials, our dashiki-inspired garments are comfortable, affordable, and the perfect way to showcase the traditional African culture and help you stand out in today's world.
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