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5 Ways To Dress Up Skinny Jeans For A Night On The Town

5 Ways To Dress Up Skinny Jeans For A Night On The Town

Skinny jeans are the quintessential pair of denim pants. They're snug and hug your curves in all the right places. A relaxed fit is great for those casual weekend plans, but when you're looking to conquer a night on the town, skinny jeans are the ultimate choice.

There are many awesome ways to dress up this typically dressed down look which require minimal effort. Keep several pairs of skinny jeans on hand to mix and match with other pieces from your wardrobe to create the most amazing looks for a night on the town.

1. Acid-washed denim with a black biker jacket. If you're searching for something that shows off your tough-girl side, top a basic white tank and acid washed jeans with a black biker jacket. Paired with black stilettos and a black, spiked clutch, this look says you're ready to take on whatever the night throws at you.

2. Basic black skinny's with a flowing, white top. You can't go wrong with black and white so this look is the perfect way to stay classic while still looking hot. Add a pop of color with some fire-engine red heels and you'll be turning heads wherever you go.

3. Dark denim and a lacy tank. Nothing says sexy like lace, so dressing up a pair of crisp, dark denim skinny jeans with a light-colored lacy tank is a great way to get flirty. A pair of lacy ankle booties, lace clutch, and pearl earrings will help take that flirtatiousness even further.

4. White denim with a white blazer. White on white may seem boring, but it's actually anything but. A perfectly-fitted pair of white skinny jeans paired with a white tank and tuxedo-cut white blazer gives off those sunny summer vibes all year round. If you want to add a burst of color, go subtle with a pale pink clutch or teal flats.

5. Distressed skinny jeans with a pink, ruffled top. You might think distressed jeans aren't dressy enough for a night out, but paired with a flirty, pink top they are just the right mix of casual and sexy. A simple pair of white pumps, silver hoops, and a delicate silver chain complete this sweet-yet-spicy look.

We have a large selection of high-quality skinny jeans to suit all of your denim needs. Try them with these suggestions for some great on-the-town looks.
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