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The Keto Diet: Becoming Superhuman?

The Keto Diet: Becoming Superhuman?

With summer right around the corner and officially making its way here on June 21st, a lot of us are hyper-focused on preparing our bodies to become bikini ready. Right now is a critical time for dieters, considering many people are doing their best to become thinner at the last moment. If you're one of those last-minute dieters, don't be afraid. There are many options out there to consider that can help you to become thinner, and one of those diets is the ketogenic diet. You don't have to shop only our sandals section this year as far as your summer options go – you'll absolutely fit into one of our gorgeous bikinis or fun swim shorts with the help of a ketogenic diet.

Many of us know about the ketogenic diet, yet we haven't quite put a name to it. It's actually the well-known and ever-established low-carb diet. You've definitely met at least one or two people in your life that will eat a sandwich without the bread if you catch our drift. A ketogenic diet is essentially when you eat little to no carbs whatsoever. A lot of people refer to the ketogenic diet as the low-carb diet, or the LCHF diet, which stands for low carb high-fat diet.

What are the benefits of the keto diet? Well, there are many. This diet uses your body fat as an energy source, and insulin – which is your fat-storing hormone – drops fairly dramatically. This means that you'll lose weight just in time for the summer.

People also love the keto diet for its increased mental focus, believe it or not. It's pretty nice to know that a diet can not only produce weight loss goals but also increased mental abilities. You might as well become superhuman!

So, as with all good, there is some bad: you can absolutely kiss carbohydrates goodbye. To succeed with a keto diet, you'll have to consume less than 20g net carbs and below 35g total carbs per day.

A good diet takes work and effort, but if you truly want to succeed with the keto diet, you'll be happy with the results, so long as you stay committed. The ketogenic diet is used to reach ketosis, which is when your body gets energy from fat rather than carbohydrates.

There's much to the keto diet than what we've touched on today, but it's definitely a good diet worth diving into if you're at a loss on where to begin as far as diets go. As with all diets, consult with your doctor if you're concerned that it might not be for you, or that something could go awry.


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