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Wishing You A Happy Holidays

Wishing You A Happy Holidays

First off, thank you for allowing Solace Connect to serve you during this holiday. I will tell you that it has been an awesome experience, yet it has also been a growing experience due to this being our first year selling products other than media streaming and Android Boxes. We are excited at how this year has developed and look forward to serving you in the new year.

Finally, Christmas is a time for celebrating family and universal blessings; however, for a growing number, Christmas can be a time of great sadness and loneliness. As we get older, loved ones pass away or grow distant from us. Nevertheless, persons may feel am emptiness in their inner-core. I want you to consider this; if the weather permits, how about jumping in your car, a bus, or an Uber and take a day trip. Yes, consider taking a day trip with yourself. This will give you a distraction to the loneliness and allow for self reflection; but, most importantly, you will also have time to love and appreciate YOU! That is right YOU. We are never truly alone....there are people and wonderful creatures all around us; however, YOU determine if for that one moment you recognize the wonderful opportunity YOU have to continue on in life for those who have passed away or have grown distant. I know what I have proposed to you may be easier said than done; nevertheless, I want you to start today or tomorrow practicing this approach every holiday. And, I am willing to bet; eventually and over time, you will not find yourself that alone anymore.
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