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Faux Leather Jackets: How They Help Both Your Style And Animals

Faux Leather Jackets: How They Help Both Your Style And Animals

Leather jackets have been around for decades. The first leather jacket was sold for just $5.50 back in 1928 by a man named Irving Schott. Leather jackets quickly became a symbol of toughness- often worn by motorcycle drivers, military personnel, and Hollywood heavyweights like Marlon Brando.

Although many people prefer the look, feel, and smell of real leather, not everyone agrees with how the product is made. Animal-rights activists have long insisted on a product that simulates the look and feel of leather without harming any animals. Luckily, faux leather is a great way to achieve the exquisite style that leather offers without using any animal by-products.

The Advantages Of Faux Leather Jackets

Faux leather jackets offer a classic, clean look that coordinates with just about any outfit. From jeans to a business suit- a faux leather jacket adds a bit of charm while also keeping the wearer warm and comfortable.

One of the great advantages of faux leather is that it's less expensive than real leather. That means you can buy more than just one jacket to add to your wardrobe, elevating your style even more.

In addition to being budget-friendly and kind to animals, faux leather is also durable and easy-to-clean. The smooth, glossy exterior can simply be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or imperfections. Real leather needs to be cleaned with a special solution and also has to be conditioned to preserve its look over time.

Coordinating Faux Leather Jackets

A faux leather jacket can go with just about any style. From casual to dressy, it's a versatile piece that compliments many different colors and materials. The classic denim/faux leather combo is always a successful pairing, but out-of-the-box looks like a faux leather crop jacket with a blouse and pencil skirt gives a dressy look a bit of an edge.

The great thing about faux leather is that you can purchase several items for the same price as just one genuine leather jacket. This allows you to add a variety of jackets in different colors and lengths.

The classic black faux leather jacket works well with any style, but a daring red or stormy gray really spices up a wardrobe and adds some excitement to an everyday outfit. Our website offers several high-quality faux leather jackets in a range of colors and lengths for you to choose from.
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