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Ryan Gosling Jokes That His Kids Don't Let Him Watch Television

Ryan Gosling Jokes That His Kids Don't Let Him Watch Television

Parenthood doesn't discriminate, even if you're a celebrity. Ryan Gosling recently revealed during an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" that he had tried to watch the NBA Finals game, but his daughters refused to let him have control of the television. 

The normally private star opened up about life with his two daughters, whom he shares with his partner of nearly seven years, Eva Mendes. The "Notebook" actor said that his daughters, Esmerelda, 3, and Amada Lee, 2, are obsessed with the cartoon "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood." The show is an animated series inspired by the PBS classic, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." 

Despite his valiant attempt at watching the basketball game prior to his appearance on the show, his daughters weren't having it. He joked that unless the show has a talking tiger in it, his kids weren't going to let him watch it. 

The star also divulged some interesting details about filming his upcoming movie "First Man", where he plays astronaut Neil Armstrong. He underwent some intense training for the film at NASA, including spending roughly six to eight hours a day in a multi-axis trainer. The trainer is built to get astronauts ready for the tough physical challenges they will endure in space. Normally, astronauts only spend a short period of time inside of the capsule training, but Gosling had to endure longer bouts due to the movie's filming schedule. 

Gosling told Kimmel that after one particularly difficult day of training, where he had hit his head on the capsule quite a few times, he was concerned that he had severely injured himself. While talking to Mendes later on that day, he was describing to her his belief that people everywhere were trying to earn free donuts from bakeries around the world. 

After Mendes listened patiently to his tirade about donuts, she told Gosling that, although she originally had joked about him suffering brain damage from the multi-axis training, she now thought it was a good idea for him to get checked out by a doctor. It seems the "Hitch" actress was right because once Gosling visited a doctor, it was determined that he had a concussion. 

Gosling seems to have healed up from his concussion, and although he's only allowed to watch cartoons at home, he's still in good spirits about his upcoming movie. "First Man" is set to premiere in theaters across the country on October 12.


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