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Lil Jon's Collab With The Kool-Aid Man Is The Christmas Song We Never Knew We Needed

Lil Jon's Collab With The Kool-Aid Man Is The Christmas Song We Never Knew We Needed

Giving Mariah a run for her money! Lil Jon released a new song just in time for the holiday, and it might just knock Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas" off the top of the charts. 

The track, aptly titled "All I Really Want For Christmas," brings the rapper's well-known wild style into the forefront this holiday season. The video, which runs just over three minutes long, features plenty of holly jolly references and a cameo by a surprising guest- the Kool-Aid Man. 

Why would the rapper want to release a song with the Kool-Aid Man? Nobody really knows- but we're sure glad he did. Somehow, the beverage character fits in perfectly with the winter-themed song and video. 

As Lil Jon raps "All I really want, really want for Christmas" in front of a grand piano, the Kool-Aid Man busts through the wall in the same fashion he's been known to do in countless commercials. The pair are joined by several dancers- including a dancing Santa, because no Christmas rap video would be complete without one. 

The rapper shows off his aversion to eggnog by pouring the offending holiday drink down the drain in favor of fruit-punch flavored Kool-Aid. The nostalgic, sugary beverage takes center stage throughout the video, as jugs of the sweet punch are served up in fancy champagne glasses alongside a table laden with holiday treats. 

One treat in particular catches the eye when Lil Jon pulls out a tray of cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of Kool-Aid Man. 

The Kool-Aid Man theme continues throughout the video, with the jolly red guy himself gifting Lil Jon with a green holiday sweater emblazoned with his image on it. 

Fake snow, artfully-wrapped gifts, mistletoe, and nutcrackers bring a sharp contrast to the bright-red drink. Of course, there are plenty of "Oh Yeahs" to go around, as both Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid Man are known for uttering the catch phrase quite frequently. 

After the song was released, fans took to Twitter to share their joy over the collaboration. One Twitter user wrote, "Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid Man really saved Christmas" while another gushed, "This is the present we deserved this Christmas." 

Aside from releasing the epic Christmas track with Kool-Aid Man, Lil Jon has been busy gifting the world with other goodies, including a new school in Ghana which he opened alongside the charity Pencils of Promise.


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