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Chrissy Teigen Was Reported to Twitter for Saying She 'Wants to Die' When Husband John Legend Wears Sandals

Chrissy Teigen Was Reported to Twitter for Saying She 'Wants to Die' When Husband John Legend Wears Sandals

It seems Chrissy Teigen is not a fan of men wearing sandals, especially if it's her husband, John Legend, wearing them. The model posted a meme to Twitter on Thursday that explained exactly how she feels about men wearing sandals.

One portion of the meme showed various styles of men's sandals while the other portion of the meme showed sandals that actually look good on men. That portion was blank. Alongside the meme, the mom to Luna, who just turned 2, wrote "thank you" in all capital letters.

When asked by one of her 10.3 million Twitter followers if Legend ever wears sandals, she replied that he does on the beach. She then went on to say that, despite loving him, it still makes her "want to die."

The sandal-gate continued with the pregnant model referring to herself as an "anti-sandalist" and that, even if men get pedicures, their feet still look bad in a sandal. Despite her distaste for this particular type of footwear, she still encouraged her followers to wear sandals if they want to because it doesn't matter if other people think they look good.

It seems that, despite the clearly joking nature of the tweets, some of her followers were concerned about the mom-to-be. On Friday, Tiegen posted a screenshot from Twitter admins that said someone had reported one of her tweets for being potentially suicidal. Alongside the screenshot, she asked her followers to "please stop reporting me for saying I want to die when John wears sandals".

Legend weighed in on the debacle, tweeting on Friday that he doesn't wear sandals because they don't look good on him, while still encouraging his followers to wear them if they so choose.

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Attends Noble Peace Prize where John Legend was honored.

Since announcing her second pregnancy in November, Tiegen has once again displayed her unique maternity style. She's dressed her bump up in elegant gown's like the hot pink Tadashi Shoji number she wore to the Nobel Prize Banquet in Norway in December. She also has no problem dressing down her bump as evidenced by the frequent neutral tummy-hugging dresses and denim she has been seen sporting throughout the year.

Tiegen and Legend are expecting a baby boy in June. The little one will join big sister, Luna, who just celebrated her second birthday with an elaborate Sesame Street-themed birthday party. One thing's for sure, the new baby definitely won't be wearing sporting sandals anytime soon.

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