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Blake Shelton Jokingly Blames Pitbull for His Drunken Fall on Stage

Blake Shelton Jokingly Blames Pitbull for His Drunken Fall on Stage

Tripping over himself! Blake Shelton took a bit of a fall while performing on stage at Oregon's Pendleton Whisky Music Festival this past weekend. The country crooner was in the middle of his set on Saturday, July 14, when he appeared to trip over some stage equipment. 

The "Boys 'Round Here" singer took to Twitter after the ordeal to beg his followers for a video of the mishap. Shelton tweeted, "Ok Pendleton I know somebody is bound to have video of me falling on stage last night." He went on to further plead with his fans and stated that "yes I had been drinking. A lot..." 

His followers quickly responded, with user @AlexandreaH13 posting a 7-second clip of the singer taking a tumble on stage. The hilarious video has already been viewed over 170,000 times. Shelton shared the video with the reply "That's it!!! I wish there was a closer one!!!" 

While many of his fans are used to "The Voice" star's drunken antics and thought the video was funny, one Twitter follower didn't find the fall quite as amusing. The disapproving fan wrote, "So, that's the type of quality show you put on...for people that spend their hard earned money to come see you, is for you to show up drunk?" They further went on to compare Shelton's drunken stupor to that of Justin Bieber's infamous vomiting on stage episode after he drank too much Hennessy. 

Never one to back down, the singer quickly responded to the fan, posting "Oh I'm sorry ma'am... This account is meant for people who actually have a sense of humor." He went on to say that his account was a no crybaby zone and advised the fan to take her negativity elsewhere. 

Shelton did have a pretty hysterical excuse for why he tripped on stage. Aside from being drunk, the "I Lived It" performer blamed the rapper Pitbull for his fall. 

He joked that his dancing, which ultimately led to his stumble, was an attempt at trying to compete with the "I Know You Want Me" singer who had also performed at the festival. Other performers included DJ Sovern-T, Britnee Kellogg, and Filmore. 

Shelton's next performance is coming up this weekend at the Faster Horses music festival in Michigan. Whether or not the country singer will be able to remain on both feet during his set remains to be seen.


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