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Three Dial Watches: How To Read Them And Why They're Useful

Three Dial Watches: How To Read Them And Why They're Useful

You may have seen watches with three dials in the store and wondered how to use them. You may think they are too complicated for you and that all you really need a watch for is to tell the time. While basic display watches that show you what time it is are very useful, watches with three dials offer even more benefit once you learn how to read them.

Chronograph Watches

Most watches with three dials are known as chronograph watches. A chronograph watch allows you to use the watch as a stopwatch in addition to a display watch. Each of the three dials keeps track of a different measurement of time- seconds, minutes, and hours.

The instructions for using a chronograph watch varies depending on the manufacturer, but typically you will press a button to start the stopwatch feature and then press the same button or another button to stop it. In the meantime, the chronograph dials will be measuring the time that's passing.

Some chronograph watches even allow you to measure the speed you are traveling by utilizing a tachymeter. There's a formula that can be used to calculate your travel speed based on the tachymeter. While it might seem complicated at first, with practice it will become second nature.

Other Three Dial Watches

Some watches that boast three dials are actually calendar watches. One dial might display the day of the week, another dial might display the month, and the final dial might display the date. These are particularly handy if you don't regularly rely on a cell phone to track the date.

Military Watches

Members of the armed forces often prefer watches with three dials because they may not have access to technology out on the battle field. The additional three dials help the military members track their speed, how long it takes them to perform a mission, and even determine which day it is. These watches can really come in handy when military members are in the heat of battle.

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of high-quality watches, many of which include three dials on the watch face. Some of them are chronograph watches while others boast a calendar display or other options. All are very useful for both civilians and military members and offer several excellent features that are accessible right from the person's wrist.
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