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How to Host a Football Game Watching Party

How to Host a Football Game Watching Party

It is that time of year when even people who normally could care less about football loudly claim to have a favorite football team. Between now and the NFL Super Bowl held in early February, many people will be hosting football game watch parties. If you are one of them, then keep these tips in mind. 

Clear the Clutter 

Start by cleaning the clutter out of the area where the football game will be watched. Make sure that you get rid of all the dust bunnies. Remove anything breakable from the area. After all, your rowdy friends may want to reenact their favorite plays, and you do not want great grandma's vase or your gaming computer getting ruined. 

Test Your Equipment 

Make sure that your television equipment is working correctly before hosting a gang to watch one of the most important games of the year. Make sure that your speakers in your home theater sound right as you do not want to miss a single call of the game. Put the television remote in a special place before guests arrive. It might also be a great idea to replace the batteries in the remote before guests arrive. 

Prepare For Hungry Appetites 

You will want to be prepared for hungry appetite during the game and especially at half time. Finger foods are a great way to go as people will nibble along as they get nervous when cheering for their favorite team to pull out a win. You will also probably want the number of your favorite pizza delivery company on speed dial. Be sure to call where ahead of halftime if you plan on serving pizza then to avoid snafus with everyone else who has the same idea. 

Control for Odors 

Everyone who comes to your watching party will be wearing a different cologne or perfume. Then, they may start sweating as they fear their team is going to lose. Add different food smells and your home may soon start to smell worse than a locker room after a game. Therefore, start early controlling odors by using aromatherapy humidifiers. 

Hosting a football game watching party can be fun. If you use these tips to prepare, you will look better than the star quarterback as your fans all rave about the great time that they had at your party. Be warned, however, that football watching parties can become loud, so you may want to warn your neighbors to invest in good earplugs.


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