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Navigating New Territory: Frequently Asked Questions From First Time Voters

Navigating New Territory: Frequently Asked Questions From First Time Voters

Any legal resident of the United States over the age of 18 has the right to vote, but first they must register. After registration, many first time voters have questions regarding how they go about exercising their right to vote. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from first time voters. It's also a good refresher for returning voters who haven't been to the polls in awhile. 

1. How do I find my polling place? 

If you're planning to vote in person, each voter has a specified polling place which is determined based on where you live. To find your polling place, you can contact your local election office by phone or visit their official website. The election office can also provide you with voting hours and answer any additional questions you may have. 

2. Can I vote prior to Election Day? 

Some states allow early or absentee voting under certain circumstances. Those traveling abroad or serving in the military often make use of absentee voting. To find out if you are eligible for early or absentee voting, you can call your local election office or visit the United States government's official website. 

3. Where can I find information on the candidates? 

In the age of social media, you might feel like you're being constantly bombarded with information on candidates seeking to be elected. How do you determine which information is true or false when there's so much to sort through? You can find the most current and accurate information on any official United States government website, including local and state websites. You can also visit each candidate's personal website or social media page to find out why they're running and what they hope to achieve if they are elected. 

4. How do I vote in person? 

Once you have determined your polling place, you can visit any time during the voting hours on Election Day. First time voters must always show identification. Returning voters can check with their local election office to determine whether or not they need to bring identification with them on Election Day. Upon arriving at your polling station, you will check in with an Election Day volunteer. Some states use paper ballots while others use voting machines. If you have any questions on how to vote once you are at the polling station, one of the volunteers can help you. You can prepare ahead of time by downloading a sample ballot from the United States government's official website. 

Exercising your right to vote is an important part of our democracy. If you wish to see changes made within the government, the best way to do that is to vote for candidates that you feel embody the values that you hold dear. While voting for the first time may seem intimidating, after you've done it you'll never forget the feeling of pride you experience for exercising the right so many people have fought for.


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