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Buckle Up: Why Men's Belts Are More Than Just A Fashion Accessory

Buckle Up: Why Men's Belts Are More Than Just A Fashion Accessory

It keeps your pants from sagging and adds an elevated level of style, yet the belt is an often underappreciated fashion accessory. Some men don't even wear belts, but there are so many excellent reasons why you should that if you aren't currently wearing a belt on a regular basis- you just might change your mind.

The History Of The Men's Belt

The belt first started off as a part of the military uniform. Soldiers wore them to keep their trousers in place, but they also served double-duty as a way to carry smaller weapons like knives and grenades.

A properly-fitted belt was also a sign of respect in the military. When higher-ranking officers came around to perform a uniform check, it looked better if your belt was perfectly cinched at the waist.

In the 1920s, more civilian men started wearing belts as a part of their every day attire. Belts have become another way for men to express their sense of fashion, as the belt buckle can be decorated with all sorts of details. The belt itself can come in a variety of colors and material, although the most traditional choice is leather.

Why Belts Are Making A Comeback

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, a saggier pant was a fashion choice desired among many young men. This eliminated the need for some to wear a belt. Recently though, more men are seeing the benefits of wearing a belt and are choosing the classy style of clean-cut trousers or jeans paired with a coordinating belt.

Choosing The Right Belt

A belt should fit snugly, but not be so tight that it's uncomfortable. Thinner belts are generally considered more formal and are ideal for business meetings and dressy events that require a suit and tie.

Thicker belts are thought to be better for laid-back, every day attire like jeans, cargo pants, or shorts. Leather material is a great choice for both formal and informal outfits, whereas a softer material like canvas, cloth, or nylon is better for casual outfits.

It's a good idea to have a few belts in your wardrobe that coordinate well with many different outfits. Our website boasts a very large selection of high-quality designer belts that will work with a variety of attire. We even have statement belts with detailed buckles to help you really express your personal style.
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