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Bold Bikini: The History Of The Two-Piece Swimsuit

Bold Bikini: The History Of The Two-Piece Swimsuit

She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini... it's a song most of us have heard, but where exactly did this summer fashion staple originate? The two-piece swimsuit, often referred to as the bikini, has actually been around since the Roman times, with the first known bikini being worn in the Chalcolithic era which began in 5600 BC. How the bikini morphed from the leather garments favored by the Ancient Greeks into the variety of two-piece styles we see today involved many twists and turns on its fearless journey.

Where It All Began

Roman women were the first to be depicted wearing the bikini, with a multitude of artwork displaying women participating in sporting activities like weight-lifting and running while wearing a two-piece swimsuit.

The bikini didn't become well-known until 1946 when French designer Louis Reard debuted this unique look on model Micheline Bernardini. The garment's name came from the Bikini Atoll, a coral reef where atomic bomb testing took place after the end of World War II.

Facing Backlash

Things weren't always rosy for this alluring two-piece garment. Conservative media, churches, and many members of the public viewed the bikini as too sexy and provocative. More fuel was added to the fire when risque magazines like "Playboy" and "Sports Illustrated" started having their cover models pose in bikinis.

At one point, the bikini was even prohibited from prestigious beauty competitions like the Miss World pageant. Even Reard, the French designer who is credited with creating and naming this racy garment, took a break from selling bikinis and favored the more conventional swimsuits women were known to wear prior to World War II.

A Summer Staple

Nowadays, the bikini is worn all over the world by millions of women each year. It's a preferred option for the beach, swimming pool, and vacations. Celebrities and social media influencers are often photographed wearing this flirty two-piece garment and showing off their toned bodies.

More and more fashion designers have started to embrace women of all body types, creating bikinis that celebrate a woman's curves and that provide coverage and support where it's needed most.

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