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Become a Dandelion Fan

Become a Dandelion Fan

The little yellow flower called a dandelion may be considered a nuisance by many, but if you take the time to learn the many things that you can make with them, you may be finding yourself wanting to collect them many times. Just make sure that you are collecting them from an area that has not been treated with harmful pesticides. You may also want to leave some for the bees too as dandelions are a useful pollen source for them. Here are some delicious things to do with dandelions. 

Make Dandelion Tea 

Dandelion tea is a great way to enjoy the day. You may want to drink it hot by putting it in a large coffee mug like the cute ones we offer that you can play with Lego blocks on the outside or put it in a water bottle to refresh you on a long spring hike. Head to an untreated field where dandelions are growing. Collect about two cups of dandelion heads. When you get home, use kitchen snips to remove any green parts as they will make the tea bitter. Put the tea into a saucepan and add four cups of water. Then, bring it to a boil. Turn off the heat and let sit overnight. The next morning, pour the tea through a piece of cheesecloth and discard the flowers keeping the liquid. You are now ready to enjoy your dandelion tea. If it is too strong for you, then dilute it with some more water. 

Dine on Dandelion Jelly 

You will feel like it is spring all year long when you dine on dandelion jelly. This recipe requires three cups dandelion tea, so be sure to make plenty. Fill your canner about 66 percent full of water. Bring three cups of dandelion tea, two tablespoons lemon juice and one box powdered pectin to a boil. Then, slowly stir in 4.5 cups of sugar. Once all the sugar is added, let it boil for another two minutes. Now, fill your jars and finish canning according to your manufacturer's directions. 

Chances are that you will never look at dandelions as a nuisance again when you use these two delicious recipes. Get started today before all the dandelions turn to seed.
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