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Why T-Shirts Should Be A Staple Of Any Woman's Wardrobe

Why T-Shirts Should Be A Staple Of Any Woman's Wardrobe

We've all been there. Sitting on the floor in a pile of discarded clothing after trying on nearly everything in our closet, only to finally settle on a basic t-shirt and jeans out of pure frustration. Then once we have that t-shirt on, we're so glad we chose it because it's incredibly comfortable, forgiving, and makes us look great.

T-shirts are often looked at as a casual piece of clothing, but they can also be spruced up for dressier occasions like work, dates, or even weddings. Every woman should own several t-shirts in a variety of different colors and patterns to create a well-rounded wardrobe.

Dress It Down

For casual days, t-shirts are the go-to clothing item for many women. They are easy-to-wear, won't wrinkle, and keep you cool- even on the hottest summer days. Coordinating a graphic or plain t-shirt with a pair of jeans, shorts, capris, or leggings is a great option when you're running errands, brunching with friends, or even going to the gym.

To achieve an ultra-casual look, throw on a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap to complete the ensemble. You'll feel cute and relaxed and you won't even need to worry about using dry shampoo since you're covering up your hair.

Dress It Up

You can also pair t-shirts with a skirt or women's suit if you're going for a dressier but still laid back type of vibe. A graphic tee underneath a beige or white business suit adds the perfect pop of interest to an otherwise simple ensemble. Add some stilettos and a simple gold chain and gold hoops for an anything-but-ordinary look for the office, a dinner date, or even a semi-formal wedding.

A plain t-shirt tucked into a floral or pencil skirt is a great way to incorporate a casual effect to an otherwise dressy outfit. Fun and flirty, a t-shirt paired with a skirt is an ideal ensemble for any formal or semi-formal occasion. Just throw on a pair of sandals and some minimalist jewelry and you're ready to go.

Building Your T-Shirt Collection

With so many t-shirt choices, deciding which one to purchase is the biggest challenge. It's a good idea to have several plain t-shirts in a variety of colors and a few graphic tees that express your personal style. Our website is sure to have the perfect t-shirts for you.
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