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The Wooden Bow Tie: An Emerging Fashion Trend

The Wooden Bow Tie: An Emerging Fashion Trend

Men, and even some women, love to express their style with a crisp looking suit, dapper tuxedo, or nicely-pressed dress shirt paired with cleanly-designed khaki pants. Although a traditional necktie adds a bit of elegance to any of these ensembles, a bow tie is a unique choice that can really jazz up an outfit. 

Recently, a new trend in the world of bow ties has emerged- the wooden bow tie. Made from a variety of woods such as black walnut, maple, wenge, ash, and even cork, the wooden bow tie is becoming quite popular with fashion icons, musicians, actors, and athletes. 

There are many wonderful features that come with a wooden bow tie. Some include intricate details and designs that are hand-carved into the wood while others are stained with vibrant colors. Both solid and hollow designs add a touch of flair to what has become a must-have accessory for semi-formal and formal events. 

Perhaps the best feature of the wooden bow tie is that it doesn't actually need to be tied. No more fumbling with securing the perfect knot in the center or worrying about the tie unraveling during an important event. Now the bow tie simply needs to be clasped with the neck strap and it will stay put for as long as it's needed. 

Since the wooden bow tie trend is becoming more popular, new colors and features are being added all the time. They can easily be coordinated to a wide range of outfit styles and looks. Most come with a cotton, satin, or leather wrap around the center knot to add even more pizazz and intrigue to this one-of-a-kind accessory. 

Just like the classic fabric bow tie, wooden bow ties come in several different shapes and sizes. The most common ones include the butterfly, batwing, jumbo butterfly, diamond point, slim diamond point, and rounded club. More intricate shapes like the mustache, hollow butterfly, and three-dimensional butterfly really spruce up semi-formal or formal wear. 

The wooden bow tie is a definite must for anyone looking to add a bit of interest to their collared-shirts. Everyone is sure to be asking where they can find such a compelling and special accessory for themselves. This emerging fashion trend is sure to become even more favored as it starts taking the celebrity world by storm. Get ahead of the game by ditching the fabric tie and snagging one first.


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