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Summer Weddings: Three Essential Pieces for Men

Summer Weddings: Three Essential Pieces for Men

With the official mark of summer only a few days away, we're not only ready to celebrate some of the extremely fun times that this season has to offer, but we're also getting prepared for weddings as well. That's right – many people tend to get married around the spring or the summer, which makes it one of the most popular times to seek out wedding-appropriate clothing. Here is our how-to guide on dressing incredibly well for a wedding if you're a guy!

1. A Black Vest

If you're going to a summer wedding, it's fairly obvious that you should be wearing lighter clothing in order to defeat the heat. Hopefully, you won't be attending an outdoor wedding, either! However, it doesn't really matter if you are attending an indoor or outdoor wedding this summer as long as you have a black vest. As a matter of fact, your vest can be any dark neutral, as long as it's worn over a thin and breathable material for your shirt.

2. A Pair of Suspenders

This year, suspenders are really making a comeback, especially in the world of weddings! Suspenders look ultra fashionable when worn to a wedding and add that sense of style you might have not been able to find otherwise when shopping for men's wedding clothes. One of the best parts about suspenders is that wearing them over a plain white shirt makes them instantly appear classy. Not only that, but since suspenders are lightweight, it will be easier for you to breathe while you enjoy the weather during your summer wedding.

3. A Lightweight Blazer

If you can't seem to find the perfect outfit to put together, try wearing a pair of black slacks, a nicely-colored top, and a complementing blazer over it. This will make you look very fashionable and wedding-appropriate. Your blazer can have pinstripes on it for an added detail in case you're unsure of what patterns will work well for your wedding guest outfit.

You'll look incredible this summer if you were invited as a guest to a wedding. For men, these three items listed above are absolutely essential to looking as good as you possibly can. If you're somebody's plus one, they'll definitely be glad that they invited you! So this summer, roll up your sleeves, and get to shopping on our website: we've got plenty of wedding-appropriate fashion finds that'll make you a style icon at your buddy's wedding.


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