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Stiletto Heels: Their Rise To The Top

Stiletto Heels: Their Rise To The Top

There's nothing quite like a high heel to make a woman feel sexy and in charge. Not only do they add height, but they also slenderize the legs and make the feet appear smaller. Stiletto heels are some of the thinnest heels you can wear, making them tricky to walk in. They rose in popularity in the 1950s and have stood their ground since, with celebrities and movie stars often donning them for red carpet events.

The history of the stiletto is a complicated one, with no one designer being credited for the unique heel shape. One thing's for sure, the stiletto heel has earned its place in history as the sexiest shoe around.

Sharply-Dressed Woman

You've heard of men being described as "sharply dressed" when they wear a suit and tie, but women can also pull off this description. When stiletto heels are paired with a business suit, skirt, dress, or even jeans, an outfit is instantly elevated into "sharply dressed" status.

In the 1980s, women in business took this a step further by wearing stiletto heels with business suits complete with shoulder pads. Shoulder pads made women appear bulkier and more foreboding, much like their male counterparts. Women in business have come a long way, no longer needing to intimidate men with their attire in order to be taken seriously.

Femme Fatale

Stiletto heels are often associated with the term "femme fatale" which refers to an attractive woman who ultimately destroys any man in her path. The stiletto heels are a symbol of this seductiveness, with many femme fatale television and movie characters wearing them along with alluring clothing.

While stiletto heels can certainly be worn by anyone looking to add a little pizazz to their outfit, they are a perfect accessory for dressier occasions as well as fun occasions like Halloween where you may dress in character.

An Impractical Shoe

While stiletto heels have their advantages when it comes to elongating the legs and making the feet appear smaller, as well as definining the calf muscles and boosting the buttocks, they do have their drawbacks.

Walking in stiletto heels takes practice and they aren't meant to be worn on soft surfaces like carpet and grass. However, stiletto heels are the perfect accessory any other time you're looking for a fun and flirty shoe. You'll find several great stilettos on our website.
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