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Looking Dapper At Work: 4 Reasons Why Wooden Bow Ties Are A Must-Have Office Accessory

Looking Dapper At Work: 4 Reasons Why Wooden Bow Ties Are A Must-Have Office Accessory

Looking your best is one way to impress co-workers, managers, and clients at work. A carefully crafted appearance can help you look put-together, in control, and will elicit respect among everyone you encounter throughout the work day. 

The traditional neck tie is getting an upgrade with handsome wooden bow ties that not only make you look dapper, they also give you a much-needed boost of self esteem when you might be feeling those work day blues. Here are 4 reasons why wooden bow ties are a must-have office accessory. 

1. They're easy to put on. There's no more struggling with tying the perfect knot as wooden bow ties are nearly effortless to put on. Each wooden bow tie comes with an attached strap that secures firmly for an all-day hold. 

2. Neutral colors coordinate with a variety of styles. Spending hours deciding on the perfect fabric neck tie to go with each suit is a thing of the past. Wooden bow ties come in a wide range of colors, many of which are neutral and go with any color suit or dress shirt. 

3. Stains are no longer a concern. We've all been there. You sit down to take a bite out of your ham sandwich at lunch and suddenly there's a giant mustard stain down the center of your tie. The rest of your day is filled with worrying about how you'll get that stain out. Wooden bow ties are easy-to-clean and simply require a wipe with a damp cloth whenever they get dirty. 

4. They help you stand out from the crowd. No one remembers that boring gray and blue striped tie you've worn on a weekly basis for the past three years, but they sure will remember that dazzling wooden bow tie you're wearing today. Wooden bow ties are a new fashion trend and they're so unique that you might even be the first one in the office to wear one. It's guaranteed that you won't be the last, though, once others see how amazing a wooden bow tie looks. 

If you've been thinking about upping your work-day style game but aren't sure how, investing in a few wooden bow ties is the way to do it. They'll give your business suits that upgrade they've been needing while also making it easier for you to coordinate, wear, and maintain your bow tie collection.


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