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Keep Warm And Wear A Piece Of History With A Bomber Hat

Keep Warm And Wear A Piece Of History With A Bomber Hat

The frigid temperatures of late fall and winter have us all reaching for our snow gear. Keeping your body warm isn't just for comfort- it's also a necessity to avoid problems like frostbite and hypothermia. One place that gets cold the fastest is your head. That's why a hat is such an important winter outerwear accessory.

Bomber hats, also known as aviator hats, are the perfect type of hat for the chilly months. They cover up the head and ears, so there's no need for an additional accessory like ear muffs. Let's explore where this historic hat came from and why it's still fashionable today.

The History Of The Bomber Hat

Bomber hats have been around since the early 20th century, when pilots began wearing them as protection from the wind in open-cockpit airplanes. Goggles were often worn with bomber hats in these days to protect the pilot's eyes as well during flight.

Even though open-cockpit airplanes were eventually replaced with closed-cockpit airplanes, bomber hats still remained a fashionable winter hat choice for both men and women. While traditionally made from leather, bomber hats can be created from a variety of materials, including felt, cotton, and polyester.

To Flap Or Not To Flap

Ear flaps are often sewn on to bomber hats to cover up the ears and sides of the face. Not all bomber hats come with ear flaps, however. Some simply come with the hat portion that stops at the top of the ears.

Many bomber hats allow you to wear the ear flaps down or to clip them on the sides of the hat to keep them out of the way. This versatility is nice for days when it's not quite cold enough to cover your ears but also windy is certain areas. When you need to cover your ears, simply unbutton the ear flaps and wear them down.

Bomber Hat Style

If you're searching for a winter hat that keeps you warm but is also cool and stylish, the bomber hat is a great choice. It looks good on both men and women and really makes a fashion statement. Some even come with masks that can be worn over the mouth and nose, offering even more protection from the elements.

You'll find plenty of bomber hat options on our website that will keep you warm and toasty this winter season.
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