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How to Rock the Hawaiian Shirt this Summer

How to Rock the Hawaiian Shirt this Summer

Ah, the quintessential Hawaiian shirt. Some men can't seem to get enough of it, while others completely despise its existence. Either way, the Hawaiian button-up is a classic symbol of the summertime, much like an ice-cold bottle of shandy. If you've never given the Hawaiian shirt a chance – or you're totally obsessed and would like a new take on this exemplary summer statement – here is your trusty how-to guide on rocking the look.

Properly Casual

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is no stranger to the Hawaiian shirt; as a matter of fact, his personal stylist Ilaria Urbinati highly recommends this fun summer look. The Rock was recently seen wearing a classy red Hawaiian button-up with minimal floral printing. To complete the look, he was sporting a pair of navy blue slacks with suede shoes. Needless to say, the ensemble looked flawless. It was a much better look than his infamous 1994 fanny pack image, to say the least.

Dressed Up for Date Night

Date night with bae couldn't be more flirtatious and fun than with a Hawaiian t-shirt thrown into the mix. To make this look appear date-appropriate, we offer one simple solution: tuck that button-up in. Make sure you choose a print that isn't too busy for your Hawaiian shirt of choice and tuck it into a pair of neutral-colored trousers. Put on your favorite pair of date night shoes, and voila. You're ready to own that restaurant.

Footloose and Fancy-Free

Are you a traveler who's pumped to enjoy all of the experiences that the beach has to offer? Maybe your goal is to look attractive with your carefree attitude which is suggestive in your clothing choices. Whatever the case may be, you can appear "footloose and fancy-free" as the saying goes by wearing a Hawaiian button-up over your pair of solid-colored swim trunks. However, there's more than meets the eye with this look: unbutton that Hawaiian shirt to show off how easygoing and chillaxed you really are. Don't forget your sunscreen and shades, though.

The living is easy during the summertime. Looking your best through your personal style choices makes the summer an even more enjoyable time. Besides, who doesn't enjoy a compliment or two thrown your way for rocking the Hawaiian shirt in a newfound way? Test out these takes on Hawaiian shirts and enjoy the remainder of summertime.


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