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How to Dress Your Best for the Winter of 2018

How to Dress Your Best for the Winter of 2018

The holidays are over, and we are now left with cold weather, snow shoveling, and nights spent inside of the home smothered inside of a warm heated blanket (preferably by a fireplace) with a mug of hot cocoa. If your family and friends didn't purchase you the clothes you were hoping to receive this year for the holidays – or if you didn't add any specific apparel requests to your holiday list because you were unsure of what is currently in style – then this guide will certainly assist you on how to dress your best for this winter season according to the latest trends in winter fashion. This resource will be your go-to for being the best-dressed for any occasion during the winter of 2018. Here are the top four wardrobe recommendations to start your winter fashion expedition.

Coats and Jackets

Without any question of a doubt, coats and jackets are a must-have for anyone who is living in a cold area and wants to keep warm for the brisk beginning of 2018. With that being said, it's important to know which coats and jackets are actually going to turn heads. After all, anyone can find a coat or jacket, put it on, notice that it fits and purchase it without concern for its aesthetic appeal or style.

For the ladies, we highly recommend a wool coat with a single breasted belt and turn down collar. This look is city-chic and offers a gorgeous silhouette. This winter, popular colors include maroon, burgundy, and dark blue. Your wool coat with a single breasted belt and a turn down collar in any of these colors will make your look like a sophisticated and fashion-savvy lady.

Long-Sleeved Shirts

With a multitude of different occasions to wear a long-sleeved shirt, especially with winter's mercilessly cold winds, long-sleeved shirts are an absolute must. The best part about them is that you can use them as layering pieces as well, in the event that you have a long-sleeve button up. However, one of the hottest trends in long-sleeved shirts is plaid patterns.

This is a timeless pattern that works well for both men and women and can imply a variety of styles. Are you a punk rocker? Plaid works. Are you ready for a country music concert? Plaid works again. Are you trying to look attractive for a casual first date? Plaid is an unquestionable go-to.

That's why plaid long-sleeved shirts are highly recommended for the cold winter of 2018 for fashion purposes. Even if you live in a location where the weather isn't too brisk, plaid is a definite favorite amongst a variety of fashion experts. It's a perfect solution for both men and women alike.


You can't trudge through the snow in a pair of high heels or flip flops, now can you? That's why there's no mistaking the invaluable use of a good pair of sturdy boots. According to Harper's Bazaar, sparkle and shine are very popular as far as boots go this season. This trend, of course, is more aimed toward the ladies. Combat boots are also a popular and recommended go-to as far as boots go this year. Combat boots add a nice edge and style to any wardrobe while giving you an enviable look.

The same applies to men: combat boots still provide a really stylish and functional look. Another look that is currently trending as far as boots go is an embellished look, full of fun swirls and bling. If you're into the idea of having a bit of bling on your boots, then you should totally go for it! After all, it's currently in style. Please note, however, that if your embellished boots are a little too flashy, you should go with a solid colored sweater with a pair of fashion jeans to avoid looking too over the top.

Winter Accessories

Every fashionista knows of the sheer and utter importance of a perfect accessory or two (or three). Winter is no exception to this accessory rule. As a matter of fact, winter is possibly the season where you require a handful of helpful accessories the most. However, you don't want to find the first winter hat you can get your hands on without any thought or concern of its look. After all, fashion is about expressing who you are through your wardrobe.

For the winter, we recommend hats that truly make a statement. Some of the most recommended hat trends for 2018 include furry hats in bold colors. You can choose a solid hat color and wear a patterned sweater which has a portion of that color located within the fabric. One of the biggest hat trends that was featured on the runway for the winter of 2018 were French berets. Leather is a big fashion favorite as far as the French berets go, and can be coupled with a nice striped sweater and distressed jeans. However, beanie hats will always be in style, so don't forget to include them into your winter accessory arsenal.

Of course, you can't forget about fuzzy socks as a part of your winter accessories collection! Just make sure that they're well-hidden underneath your new fashion boots.

In the event that the temperatures are nearly freezing, there are fashion hats which can transform into a maskwhich can effectively cover your face to prevent the cold weather. These are an excellent winter accessory solution and are being worn more and more.

This winter, there's no reason why you can't turn heads with your fashion finds. This guide is a helpful tool to assist you in finding the best and most fashionable trends that are currently available for purchase. With a nice coat, a killer pair of winter boots, a long-sleeved plaid shirt that you can use for layering purposes, and a warm winter hat, you'll be set to take on the challenges that the cold weather brings. Your friends and family will definitely be commenting on your new fashion finds and will even ask where you purchased your clothes. Be the trendsetter this winter and enjoy 2018 in style!



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