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How to Dress Like You’re From the 1960s

How to Dress Like You’re From the 1960s

There is a point in everyone's life where their fashion sense seems to become a bit stale. Perhaps your style has become a little too mundane and predictable, so you'd like to switch it up. One of the easiest ways to reestablish your wardrobe is by reflecting back to past decades. With the summertime approaching, we felt that the 1960s were an appropriate era to refer to. Here is our how-to guide on dressing like a '60s stud.

Colorful Tie-Dye Clothing

There's actually an interesting history behind tie-dye t-shirts or any other article of clothing which features these vibrant colors circulated into rather psychedelic patterns. While hippies were protesting the war on Vietnam, the tie-dye print was a way of symbolizing peace and love. To prove your 1960s knowledge of culture and fashion, you'll do well with any tie-dye shirt, and you'll absolutely love our modern take on it with our gradient tops for men.

Become a Beatnik

The beatnik look was inspired during the 1960s, with popular style icons such as Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, and the Beatles all sporting this look. If you fancy yourself a poet, musician, or creative individual at heart, then this look is definitely for you. A beatnik's style is fairly similar to that of our current hipster look, which makes it a fun and slightly modern take on an old fashion trend. To become one with the beatnik, a black and white striped shirt under a black blazer with neutral slacks will do. A black turtleneck was also quite the staple of the popular beatnik look of the 1960s. A pair of thick black-framed sunglasses will also help you achieve a beatnik vibe.

Focus on Flower Power

If you want to rock a Jimi Hendrix type of 1960s look, then the flower power style is what you're after. To promote free love and anti-war, the flower power look encouraged the "anything goes" type of look, allowing for hair to be long, pants to be baggier, and more colorful hues to be worn. For a flower power look, you can grow out your hair, wear the most colorful shirt you can find, and put on a pair of corduroy bell-bottoms. Headbands were also a popular accessory at this time and for this look.

The 60s were truly an exciting time where the spotlight was on peace and love. If you've found yourself stuck in a fashion rut but you'd like to change it up with the loving and exhilarating nature of the 1960s, consider the above styles.


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