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Hoodies: The Perfect Fall Staple

Hoodies: The Perfect Fall Staple

When the autumn wind starts whipping the fallen leaves around, you know it's time to transition your closet from warm-weather clothing to cold-weather clothing. One of the must-have staples for fall is the hoodie. It's comfortable, warm, and keeps you dry on those drizzly fall days. But the hoodie is also a garment steeped in history, making it an even more desirable fashion statement for those chilly days.

Hoodie History: A Look Back

The origination of the hooded garment can be traced back to medieval times, when monks wore hooded robes as a symbol of their solidarity. It became a popular garment for workers in cold climates, such as Upstate New York, in the 1930s when those employed in factories were given a hooded sweatshirt to stay warm during their shifts.

The term "hoodie" was a saying coined in the 1990s when hip-hop artists began favoring this unique fashion statement. Designers took note, with big names such as Tommy Hilfiger even basing an entire collection of their fashion line on the hoodie.

School Spirit

Hoodies are particularly popular with the youth and young adults of high school and college age. High schools and universities often emblazon their school logo across the front and back of hoodies and market them to their students to wear as a way to show their school spirit.

It's a great accessory to wear when running around on campus between classes, especially during the fall semester when the chilly months of October and November begin to take hold.

Wearing The Hoodie

When choosing what to wear with a hoodie, you have several options. Jeans are the obvious choice because they fit in well with the relaxed style of the hoodie. Leggings or sweatpants are another popular choice because they extend the comfort of the hoodie right down to your ankles.

There are other unique ways to wear it, though, including on a cool summer night with a pair of shorts or even with a cute jean skirt. You can also throw one over your pajamas if you have to make a quick run to the coffee shop or grocery store first thing in the morning.

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