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Find The Perfect Tie For The Fall Wedding Season

Find The Perfect Tie For The Fall Wedding Season

Most know June as the premiere wedding month, but fall boasts an equally important contender- October. October presents the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs with its vibrant colors and moody, dark skies. It's also much cooler than the summer months, making it ideal for outdoor weddings.

You'll want to look great for any fall wedding you'll be attending, which is why we're here to present the various tie options available to you that'll have you on the best-dressed list.

Poised In Plaid

Plaid is an excellent pattern choice for fall because it fits in well with the flannel look that is loved so much during those cooler months. Stick with darker colors like burgundy, navy blue, gray, and hunter green that will blend better with darker colored suits favored by many during the fall season.

Floral Fanatic

You might think floral ties are strictly reserved for summer weddings, but they're also a great accessory for fall weddings. Just be sure to steer away from brightly-colored floral patterns that won't fit in with the warmer colors of fall like red, orange, and green. Purple floral is a unique pattern choice that may be thought of as a summer color, but actually adds just the right pop of color when paired with a dark gray or black suit.

Paisley Perception

It may be perceived by many that paisley is a pattern better suited for spring and summer. Paisley is actually a wonderful pattern to wear in the fall as its classic, sophisticated, and intriguing. Stick with fall colors like red, green, orange, gray, and purple and avoid pastel colors like pink, baby blue, and yellow.

Wooden Wonder

A wooden bow tie is the perfect tie for the fall wedding season because it's something truly unique that fits in beautifully with the exquisite backdrop of fallen leaves that reveals the wooden tree trunks below. Aside from looking great, wooden bow ties are also easy-to-clean, comfortable to wear, and coordinate well with any color suit or dress shirt.

You'll find an extensive selection of fabric and wooden bow ties on our website that will suit any wedding or other special occasion you have coming up this fall. You'll be sure to make the best-dressed list when you wear one of our high-quality ties. Try out these looks the next time you're invited to a fall wedding.
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