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5 Ways To Rock Synthetic Leather This Fall

5 Ways To Rock Synthetic Leather This Fall

Synthetic leather is becoming increasingly popular as celebrities and other high-profile figures are more vocal in their opposition to real leather. Synthetic leather is a great alternative to real leather in that it gives you the same look and feel at half the price and without harming any animals. Here are five of the best ways to rock Synthetic leather this fall.

1. Synthetic Leather Jacket

The most common use of leather is for jackets and Synthetic leather is no different. Everything from bomber jackets to trench coats to biker jackets can come in this unique fabric. It can be both dressy and casual so you can wear it with jeans, slacks, and even over a dress.

2. Synthetic Leather Leggings

Real leather leggings and pants can be difficult to put on and off because they are so tight. You may even need to apply baby powder to your legs before wearing them to avoid sticking. That's not a problem with Synthetic leather leggings and pants because they have a cotton or polyester backing that fits comfortably on your legs.

3. Synthetic Leather Watch

Watches don't get enough credit now that practically everyone owns a smartphone. Even though you most likely have a clock right on your phone's home screen, nothing beats wearing a watch. A Synthetic leather watch looks classic and elegant without the high price tag of traditional leather. It's a great option to wear to work, out for a nice dinner, or even at the gym.

4. Synthetic Leather Cowboy Hat

Fall is the season for flannel and what goes better with flannel that a cool cowboy hat. A Synthetic leather cowboy hat adds a little something special to this normally casual attire. Wear it to your favorite country concert this fall for a look that screams cowgirl.

5. Synthetic Leather Backpack

With the cooler temps comes the need to carry around more items like scarves, gloves, and extra snacks in case you get stranded somewhere. Instead of carrying around a small purse, consider toting around a Synthetic leather backpack. You can fit all of the necessities in it comfortably while also having the added benefit of the stylish look of Synthetic leather.

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