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Three Popular Diets for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Three Popular Diets for Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

The internet is a wealth of information when it comes to weight loss diets, and it can be overwhelming choosing one. One diet suggests that carbohydrates are evil. Another suggests that fat is evil. And another diet says only certain kinds of fat are evil. We've put together a guide to help you navigate some of the most popular diets out there. Here it is: 

The Whole30 diet is wildly popular. It logs over 60 thousand Google searches every month and isn't slowing down any time soon. The diet is simple: don't eat any grains, sugar, dairy or processed food for 30 days. With Whole30, you'll focus on meat, fruit and vegetables.

Pros: Pinterest has thousands of Whole30-friendly recipes, so keeping things interesting and adding variety won't be much of an issue. Eliminating processed food and sugar may have a lot of health benefits.

Cons: Whole30 can be a little too restrictive for some people. For example, common cooking oils such as soybean or corn oil are off the table, and so are foods with ingredients such as carrageenan. 

Ketogenic Diet
The Ketogenic Diet, "keto" for short, is another extremely popular weight loss diet. Keto dieters eliminate carbohydrates and eat fats and protein in order to put their bodies in a state of ketosis, which means that the brain runs on ketones instead of glycogen.

Pros: Fat and protein are extremely satiating, so you feeling hungry may not be much of a problem. Bacon and cheese lovers can rejoice.

Cons: You may have trouble getting enough fiber with this diet. However, you can feel free to saute your broccoli in butter. Some people complain about the "low-carb" flu that can come when transitioning to ketosis, but they say it's temporary. 

Vegan Diet
This diet is the polar opposite of keto in terms of what a follower is allowed to eat. Vegans do not eat anything that comes from an animal, so, that means no meat, dairy, eggs or other animal byproducts.

Pros: A plant-based diet usually means lots of vegetables, so you'll never have to worry about getting enough fiber.

Cons: Some vegans may struggle with getting enough complete protein and vitamin B12, but protein and vitamin supplements can remedy that.  

With the wide variety of diet options out there, finding the right one can seem like a challenge. With a little research and preparation, you can find a weight loss diet that will bring you success.


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